The ATN-RTA works on common issues and topics shared by Atlantic regions. It addresses its studies, analyses and recommendations in priority to the European institutions. Since its launch in September 2003, the network has been successful in issuing several studies on various topics of specific importance for civil society stakeholders and for the economic, social and sustainable development of the Atlantic.


Towards a revision of the TEN-T for the Atlantic Area (2021)

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Proposals on the conditions for a successful implementation of the Atlantic Strategy, in view of the mid-term revision of the Atlantic Action Plan (2017)

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Conditions for a good achievement of the Atlantic Strategy (2015)

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Development of marine renewable energies: conditions of success in the RTA regions of the Atlantic Arc (2010)

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Intermodality in freight transport: ports and hinterland, maritime transport including short sea shipping (2006)

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Transfer of technology and innovation : cooperation issues for Atlantic Arc regions (2006)

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The safety of maritime traffic and freight transport (2005)

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In order to influence European policy-making and decisions on Atlantic-related issues, the ATN-RTA maintains a close collaboration with the Atlantic Arc Commission of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR), as well as with the European Economic and Social Committee.

Within the framework of this cooperation, the following documents have been produced:

ATN contribution to DG MARE’s public consultation on an integrated maritime strategy for the Atlantic Ocean (2010)

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RTA opinion on the European Commission’s document of February 23, 2018, on the mid-term review of the Atlantic Action Plan (2018)

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